Chris Potter Quartet

This group can be heard on the new ECM release The Dreamer Is The Dream, featuring David Virelles on piano, Joe Martin on bass, and Marcus Gilmore on drums. The focus of the group is on original music that uses influences from the jazz tradition and beyond to synthesize a unique contemporary jazz language.

Chris Potter Trio

Potter enjoys working in a trio setting with a variety of acoustic bassists and drummers, feeling the absence of any chordal instrument as both a challenge to overcome and as a liberation from constraints. In this setting he often mixes original material with more standard pieces from the jazz and non-jazz repertoire.

Chris Potter Underground

This group has served for more than a decade as Potter’s primary electric ensemble, with influences as diverse as Duke Ellington, James Brown, Stockhausen, and Radiohead, always with an emphasis on groove. The members of the band are Adam Rogers on guitar, Craig Taborn on electric piano, and Nate Smith on drums, with Fima Ephron often appearing on bass guitar instead of Taborn’s keyboards.

Chris Potter Underground Orchestra

This 11 piece ensemble grew out of the Underground group as a way to bring the chemistry of the quartet into a much more expansive mini-orchestral setting, as can be heard on the ECM release Imaginary Cities. The instrumentation- string quartet, vibraphone, guitar, acoustic bass, bass guitar, drums, and Potter- lends itself to many sonic possibilities, and allows Potter to explore his compositional ideas on a bigger canvas.

Chris Potter Tentet

This ensemble, which was featured on the 2007 release Song For Anyone, consists of violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, bassoon, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums in addition to Potter, and represents another side of Potter’s conception for large ensemble, one that is capable of a wide range of sonorities.